Ben Hamill

Inmate: 256 111127

Affiliation: Death Row Tattoo
Eye Color: Blue
Height: 6’
Hair Color: Bald & Tattooed
Weapon of Choice:
Turanium – Cheyenne pen
Crime Committed:
Farnborough Ripper since 2001

Our most notorious inmate…

Ben Hamill specialises in tattooing photorealism, custom designs, Catrinas, beautiful women & anything from cool movies. Ben has won awards for his work at numerous international tattoo conventions such as: Oporto 2015, Iceland 2014 for Black & grey, Best of day at Szolnok Tattoo expo & Bournemouth convention 2010-2011-2012 and also “Best Starwars” & “Best small Black & Grey” at Chris Jones own Cardiff Tattoo & Toy convention.

His work is strongly influenced by people such as Alphonse Muca, Ed Gein, Alex Depas, Boris, Niko Hurtado, & Robert Hernandez. His incorporation of strong bold lines within his photorealism work brings a fresh take to the style.

Ben’s been on Death Row since 2001 and as a lifer, tattooing is in his blood, quite literally! He lives and breathes it everyday.. it’s not just a job for Ben. Living and embodying the quote “You are only ever as good as your last design.” Ben strives to continually improve his craft and set the standards others aspire to.

To book in with Ben Hamill or if you have any questions for him, please email: